DirectScot goes live

DirectScot is a prototype for a Scottish public services portal. Its aim is to provide people and businesses with a simpler view of all services available to them.

The citizen (i.e. you) is the customer and since the customer is always right, the consultation begins here. What you tell us will shape how DirectScot approaches the future so don’t be shy about making your views known.

The aim of DirectScot is to enable you to find what you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible, based on aggregation of content and powerful, location-based search technology.

It is a simple idea but a complex one in practice. So there is a great deal to discuss and we will be blogging throughout January and February on issues such as the rationale for DirectScot , its technology, and what the next steps might be. Through the blog we also aim to respond to as many of your questions as possible.

The formal consultation on DirectScot also begins today and In the next post we’ll set out the rationale for DirectScot. Once you’ve had time to view the prototype and read some of the blogs, have your say by submitting a consultation response. Tell us what you think. You can comment on this blog by leaving feedback here.

The DirectScot Team

9 thoughts on “DirectScot goes live

  1. … I would normally look up local authority site for a lot of the information suggested. I’m not sure the name ‘directscot’ is very good. I’d change it … directgov is better but obviously already taken. If the site runs in a similar manner to directgov that would be useful though I’m not sure if you really need to duplicate info from local authority sites. When I used the search engine for directscot, subjects from entirely irrelevant categories came up before relevant topics. This would have to be sorted.

  2. i like the idea, however like a lot of businesses we use an American host for things like security and virus protection which means that sometimes we are kicked out of the site as not being in the UK when we are.

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